Why findtoilet.dk and FindToilet app are unique

UPDATED last time 16 April 2018

Why I wrote this document:

I often get the question that such an app has already been made and yes I know a lot of these has been made all over the world as crowsourced but will point out the difference of mine both online map and Smartphone app's as good as I can and why I have decided not to use crowdsourcing.

The toiletdata will be more correct and up-to-date because it's ONLY the Councils themselves that create these, update, delete and so. Look here which Councils have provided toiletdata. And hopefully ALL 98 Councils will do the same so we have it for the whole Denmark. Councils can show Google Map on their OWN site using iframe, link or Septima Widget, pulling data from MY site with there OWN toiletdata. See Twitter message and how other Councils prefer to do this GIS departments in Danish though. They would'nt do this if the toiletdata was crowsourced.

A minor couple of Councils have uploaded toiletdata for people to download but I explain here why they can't be used. And show examples using GoogleFusionTables, PrintScreens and Videos to better see and understand the problems also with Ckan.

I use OpenSource Drupal and Google Maps API.

Councils can in a few minutes tell if a toilet has been closed due to vandalism or the like. And it's get updated both on online map, apps and toiletdata for downloads. See Twitter message.

Android and iPhone apps are updated automatically (from an API-file) at once from the toiletdata which also get updated on online map and data for downloads so ALL can use this toiletdata and make their OWN mash-ups and all this are done using the great Drupal. I can also give access to API-file if wanted and toiletdata with a link to my service can be showed on https://portal.opendata.dk/.

Radio interviews: 1.3.2014 P4 Morgen (me) - 17.1.2016 P4 Syd (Sønderborg Council + me) - 7.6.2016 P4 Sjælland (Slagelse Council).

Videos: How data flow from Drupal and end in apps 5 minutes.

Interested to know more read GoogleDoc and all the other documentations and videos.

This site will be updated when I figure out to tell about more things that make my project so unique. :-)